Foyle’s in Bristol

Foyle’s has announced a new store opening in the centre of Bristol.

This is bold – anyone opening a new bookshop deserves our encouragement in a time of fast change and uncertain economics.  Foyle’s is ramping up its openings, with One New Change only a couple of months old at the time of writing.

Bristol is a sound choice – one of Borders’ most profitable stores was in Clifton, where a succession of good managers ensured strong sales from an educated, informed and prosperous customer-base.

The trick for Foyle’s is to translate all that we value in its Charing Cross Road store, into the smaller stores, so that it develops brand values that are as applicable in 5000 sq ft as they are in 50,000.

Central Bristol has improved immeasurably with the opening of Cabot Circus; Foyle’s clearly has confidence in their smaller stores, so I shall be watching their first move from central London with great interest.


One Comment on “Foyle’s in Bristol”

  1. 552 says:

    Still think Clifton area near the old Borders site would of proved a better choice with the target market on the door step. These customers have not flocked to the Waterstones in the centre and I suspect only visit Cabots occasionally