Ground rules

This is a blog about selling books, music etc – long-established physical products with easy-to-digitise content.  It’s about a retail world that has been turned upside-down over the past decade, and that is changing not on annual cycles, but by the week.

The author has spent 30 years selling records, cassettes, CDs, videos, books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-Ray… and downloads.  And downloads, in all their multiple forms, have turned the creation and sale of all this physical stuff into so many bits and bytes.

Most of my experience has been in physical stores, but transactional websites and online data management are familiar territory too.

“Front of store” is where the big sales are made, but no doubt we’ll lose ourselves in the deep backlist from time to time.

There are plenty of places you can go online for the news – the Bookseller, PW, Music Week, Retail Week etc – so this blog will instead offer the views of a retailer and enthusiast, based in London, England.

I think it’s important to start off with some ground rules:

  • This is not a scandal sheet, nor is it a forum for gossip or name-calling.  It is a place for a considered response to the news; for thinking through implications, and for essaying ideas.
  • This is not a nostalgia site.  Of course, there may be cherished memories to be shared from time to time, but they should have some context or contemporary point.
  • The best you’ll get from me is a thought per weekday.  I have other things to do, but I’ll try for a thought a day.  And perhaps we’ll let our hair down on Fridays.
  • Contributions are welcomed.  Just drop me a personal message.

I imagine it will take a short while for me to arrange my topics, and establish a house style of broad avenues and unlikely by-ways.  Bear with me while I settle into WordPress, and let me know what you think.