Libraries, codex and the future

It’s library appreciation weekend, so I’ll go down to our local Carnegie to find some obscure books to borrow (which may be difficult, as it’s been somewhat destocked over the past year or so.  It’s starting to look more like a dancehall than a house of knowledge).

Anyway, this is Something for the Weekend – a two-part, 21 minute illustrated lecture in best wacky professor mode from a fast-talking US professor, pondering the migration from codex to digital content.  It will raise a smile and hopefully ignite some thinking as well.


EDIT: I’ve changed the title of this post from “Libraries are screwed” – which is the tenor of the YouTube clip, albeit one that proposes solutions.  Although the future amounts to much more than hugging librarians to save their jobs, I do believe in the value of libraries as community resources, in open access to information, and in encouraging reading in all its forms.  How these services and communal benefits (BigSoc, as Orwell might term it) can be delivered in a world of spending cuts and digitisation remains to be seen.  We can enlarge on that in a future post.