My favourite books 19: The Diary of a Nobody

First published episodically in Punch, 1892.  This edition, Penguin 1975

This really needs no introduction – I have several ancient anthologies of humour which fail to crack a smile from front to back, but Diary of a Nobody remains a classic, sending up ponderous Victorian suburbia with knowing wit.

Penguin kept this mid-60s cover treatment going for years after the rest of the Modern Classics line had moved on – it’s simple and effective, and an aesthetic delight.


One Comment on “My favourite books 19: The Diary of a Nobody”

  1. Hello!

    I’m delighted you enjoyed my Great Great Grandfather’s modest diary.

    I have tried to honour his memory with one of my own. I think it’s a little more polished than his attempt, in some ways. Cummings surprised me by drawing some pictures to accompany it. The one of Jimmy Padge is an uncanny likeness.


    Charles Pooter