Individuals’ web/app use up 45% in 12 months

This graph comes from Business Insider, whose daily charts and stats are a useful insght into the pace of current change.

Take this one, for instance.  The underlying message is that, one year ago, Americans were spending way more time surfing the web than they were using apps, but today, that’s flipped, and apps are all.  Except that, hang on, app use has rocketed, but web time is still increasing.

Putting it another way, this time last year, Americans were spending 107 minutes a day online and using apps; 1 hr 47 m.  Today, that’s up to 155 minutes – 2 hr 35 m.  A 45% increase in one year.  And rising.

This is the scale of change in the way our society functions.  It affects all of us, whether we are retailers or TV execs, educators or jurors, authors or postmen.  More fundamental changes to come.