Pop-up stores for Christmas

HMV has announced that they’ll be opening around 20 pop-up shops this Christmas.

Pop-ups have been a part of our lives for some long time.  They tend to fulfil one of two functions:

  • Selling seasonal goods
  • Creating a point of focus for a high fashion/high PR brand, typically in an up-and-coming location eg Shoreditch

The seasonal goods market has been principally identified with Christmas – calendars, decorations, and gift products like perfume.

As online retailers pick up a greater proportion of our everyday spend, there is a logic in HMV’s move that could be emulated in other sectors.  Pop-up bookshops, toy shops, electricals stores etc would be a rational development, as the high price of occupancy, staff etc makes year-round trade less supportable.

Too many retail sectors only make money at Christmas – so why trade through the remainder of the year, if customer loyalty to bricks and mortar can no longer be guaranteed?

Food for thought…

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