Plenty to read on Amazon

And I’m not referring to squillions of self-published eBooks either.

Here are three chunky articles published over the past couple of weeks, digesting the Kindle game-changer:

1.  Bloomberg Business Week on “Amazon, the company that ate the world”.  When you read phrases like “Best Buy has watched Amazon undercut it and commoditize whole product categories, and is now trying to shrink the square footage of its superstores”, you appreciate that this is about a whole lot more than bookshops.

2.  Digital Trends:  “Rewriting the Rules: How Amazon could cut eBook prices by cutting out publishers”.  “Is Amazon championing the little guy here, cutting out the middle man and democratizing the publishing process? Or is the company primarily concerned with cutting publishers out of the loop so it can make more money on digital sales?”

3.  Business Insider:  “How Amazon makes money from the Kindle”.  “The Kindle ecosystem is also Amazon’s fastest-growing product.”

Thanks to the Twitterati for disseminating all these links.