Kobo/WHS redux: two contrasting campaigns

I try not to be monomaniacal, and having posted at length on the WHS Kobo offer a few days ago… here we are again.

The reason being… I wrote about WHS’s blue and purple Kobo “look”, expressing my concerns that it would get lost in the visual hullabaloo.  Like this:

Now WH Smith, as you’ll recall, has an exclusive deal with Kobo in the UK – to such an extent that WHS will share Kobo’s revenue from non-WHS generated income.  So, you might expect the WHS branding to roll across the market.

Not so.  This, in a railway carriage yesterday (displacing the usual Kindle ads):

Here we have a slogan (“read freely”), a warm and attractive palette, and a remixed set of attributes for the Kobo.  Frankly, I think this looks a lot classier and more seductive, even if “comes with 1,000,000 free books” and “holds 1,000 books” are a little contradictory.  But now we effectively have two different programmes, with Kobo summing up their features ‘n’ benefits succinctly, and better than WHS.

I think they need to talk to each other.