Missing the point – a customer service fable

Here’s a lovely true story I heard from a friend last week.  He’d been shopping in one of the West End’s spiffier gents’ outfitters, and (the retail climate being what it is) things were a bit quiet instore.  Indeed, he was the only customer in the shop.

He went unacknowledged at the front of the store, and headed off to another area to look at some jackets.  He had a few hundred quid burning a hole in his pocket.

There was a clutch of staff behind the basement counter, but no one came forward, for they were all too busy.  Busy discussing… the Mary Portas show they’d all watched on TV last night, and the extent to which they agreed (or disagreed) with her conclusions on the importance of good customer service.

My friend listened to their animated debate for a little while and then, feeling himself to be a supernumerary, cleared off to spend his cash elsewhere.

There’s a moral here somewhere…