Thinking about legacies

I’ve been thinking about positive and negative legacies over the past few weeks, and my talk at the World E-Reading Congress tomorrow uses legacy challenges as one of its springboards.  I’ll share a few more of those thoughts with you once the speech is unembargoed, but in the meantime, here’s my monthly column in The Bookseller, pondering the dead weight of real estate legacies that can damage or even destroy traditional retailers.  (Plenty of recent examples available.)

It is stupidly neophiliac to treat any past achievement as a legacy to be denied and downgraded, of course.  Last night I had a splendid time at The Bookseller’s Industry Awards night in London’s glittering West End.  Several of the major awards went to long-standing organisations that are still closely associated with their founders – businesses that understand the value of what they’ve created, and can build imaginatively upon it.  Congratulations to (in this instance) Usborne Books and Foyles; and indeed to all of last night’s prizewinners.